Voodoo Doll Pinterest Halloween Sewing Challenge

Earlier this month, the YouTube creator Dad Sews challenged his audience to create a Halloween craft from a Pinterest picture. After scouring the pages of Pinterest, I saw a Voodoo doll I thought I could recreate using fabric from my stash. I made a video of the process with a silly story about the origins of the materials I was using.

The doll’s body is made of ogre skin (a suede-like microfiber) that feels eerily like real skin! For stitching, I used Banshee hair (gray embroidery thread) that kept tangling up in knots as one would expect. One of the eyes was stolen away from The Other Mother (a button), one was a lizard eye (black bead). The heart is from a deceased garden gnome (red felt) who was an organ donor.

Here is the Pinterest image from which I drew most of my inspiration. Clicking on the pic will take you to its Pin.

Click the image below to see my Voodoo doll Pinterest Halloween Challenge video!

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