The Artist Community Challenges for May

During the month of May 2018, The #ArtistCommunity issued two challenges. One was an Ocean Theme, submitted by Kat Skinner, and the Other was Painting Music submitted by David Cavallin. I participated in both of those.

I’ve created a playlist for each challenge. I will continue to update those playlists as I come across new entries. If you participated and don’t see your video in the playlist, let me know! I want it to be HUGE!

The Ocean Theme Playlist can be watched on YouTube by clicking this link.

The Painting Music Playlist is a little shorter, but I hope it continues to grow. You can watch those videos by clicking this link.

For the Painting Music challenge, I collaborated with my husband, John Hall. John had written a short tune that he sent me via messenger. While listening to it, I wondered what I might paint to go along with it. The image materialized in my head–a cartoonish little flower with bees buzzing around it.

Then I painted the picture I’d seen in my head. Afterward, John looked at the painting and wrote another piece of music which was inspired by the picture. That’s the tune we used for the video. You can watch that here:

Kat Skinner has issued a June 2018 Challenge using the theme Hunger. You can read all about it here.

You can join in the fun by using the #ArtistCommunity tag on Instagram. Check it out. There are many thousands of beautiful works of art there for the looking.

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