Sewing a Nightgown

A couple of months ago, during a thrift store haul, I got a beautiful piece of fabric that I hoped to turn into something to wear. I finally got that chance today. This thin, stretchy fabric in a blue floral print makes perfect sleepwear material.

The fabric is a bit delicate and will need to be washed delicately, I believe. In wearing a garment like this, the neck and arm holes take the most stress during wear, so I decided to reinforce them with biased binding. That not only gives the garment a pretty, accented edge, it also protects the fabric from rips and runs.

I’m so excited how the gown turned out. It’s going to be so comfortable to sleep in. Watch the video below if you’d like to see how I made it, and how you can make your own.

Check tomorrow’s entry for an excerpt from this video which explains how I used the overcast feature on my sewing machine for this project.

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