Sewing Scrap Pillow

This is a no-video project I worked on in the wee hours this morning. I’ve got to get my work space cleaned up and organized a little. Part of that is using up the shreds of fabric scraps left over from previous project. I’ve been telling myself for ages about this pillow I was going to make to stuff with scraps. I finally got started on that last night! I decided to use that pretty blue plaid corduroy from a recent St. Andrew’s Thrift Store fabric haul.

I started by washing, drying, then trimming it into the biggest rectangle I could make by just cutting off the uneven edges.

Next I ironed it out nice and smooth. After being stuffed, there won’t be any more ironing!

Then I cut the fabric in half and, with right sides together, took it to the sewing machine and top stitched all the way around, leaving an opening for turning and stuffing.

Before turning, I trimmed all the corners.

Then I turned it and pushed all the corners out, creating a big, empty rectangle.

These the tiny scraps from several different recent projects.

They filled up about half of my pillow. That means I’ve got a lot more projects to do to fill this up! The pillow turned out to be about 2 feet long and 16 inches wide.

I love the fabric and think it’s going to be very pretty when it’s done!

Sewing a New Doggy Blanket for Tesla

Our poor dog, Tesla… He’s always been what we’d call “high strung”, but his anxiety may be getting more intense lately. He’s had a cozy dog bed for a while that he’s been tearing up. He chews on the corners of it until he gets to the stuffing which he pulls out and scatters all over the house. We had enough of sweeping up piles of stuffing from *everywhere* and couldn’t take the sound of him ripping at the corners of his bed. So–we threw it away. He needed something cozy to sleep on, though, so I made him a sturdy blanket. Well, I hope it’s sturdy! It’s got its work cut out for it for sure.

In the process of making this quilt I got to use a new (to me) sewing machine with quilting capabilities. Once I learn a little more about the machine maybe I can post some how-tos about it. I used up a whole bunch of my thrift store fabric. ( Love!) I also used up a couple of pairs of old jeans!

Naturally, when I was done with the quilt, I took it to Tesla to see how he likes it. Since he didn’t have his bed, we put a towel on the kitchen floor near the heater (no open flames or elements!). I mean… no matter what’s going on, he always likes to be near the heater if it’s on. It must be just the right temperature. I took the new quilt into the office where Tesla normally sleeps. I let him sniff it, then put it on the floor where his bed would have been. He walked around on it, smelled it, then sat down on it and looked at me so I could tell him what a good boy he is. Of course I did! He’s such a good boy! I got a few pictures of him, then I left the room.

A little while later, Tesla heard me coming back to the office. As I got in there, he was walking back from the kitchen. Naturally, he’d gone right back to the heater because *hello!* it’s the perfect temperature. But when he heard me coming, he came back into the office and sat down on his blanket because… well, probably because he loves me and he wanted me to know that he really, really likes it–even if it’s not right by the heater–and didn’t want to hurt my feelings by not using it. So, what did I do? What do you think I did? I moved his new blanket into the kitchen near the heater! Now both of us can be happy. ^_^

Click the image below to see the video of me making a blanket with my new machine. Scroll down a little farther to see Tesla dutifully enjoying his new blanket.

Painting an Old Family Home

This week, my cousin, Mandy, asked me about recreating a painting of an old family home that she remembers visiting as a child. This old house belonged to our great grandparents, Sam Jones and Zula Barnes Autrey. We had to work off of a previously painted picture because the house has been torn down and the photos of it were lost in a house fire. The original artist was Judith Barnes. I’m trying to find out if she was a family member. I’m not sure how old the painting is.

My interpretation is mostly watercolor with some graphite and acrylic touches. Click on the image below to see the video.

Big St. Andrew’s Thrift Store Fabric Haul

I visited St. Andrew’s Thrift Store for the first time in a while today. Well… Maybe a month or so. It was way too long. I got a few measured lengths of fabric, then I saw this huge plastic bag labeled “Quilt Strips” for $8 that I just had to have. I had second and third thoughts about it when I tried to pick it up. I was really dreading carrying it out to the car. It was so heavy! The pretty colors I could see in the bag convinced me, though, that I needed to take it home. Pretty fabrics really get my imagination going.

Before going into the fabric nook, I made my customary loop around the store. I checked out the corner of Christmas items first. So much stuff! Then I went over to the clothing which is packed so closely together I can barely get through it. I got my son a t-shirt and a hoodie and saw a coat that I wanted him to try on before I bought it.

When I got to the fabric room, things were slightly rearranged. I did find what I was looking for and was pretty pleased with myself for making practical decisions. And then I brought home that giant bag! Click on the image below to see a video of the fabric I brought home!

Photo Friday-My Week in Photos

I’ve had another busy week that seems to have flown by. School was out on Monday & Tuesday. I took my younger son to see a movie on Monday, then we had a movie day at home on Tuesday.

Saturday was my niece’s birthday party. She really loved the purse and jewelry I gave her.

She chose her own theme. This amazing cake was made by our friend, Donna.

This is my favorite picture of the night, showing my niece getting some help from her dad with her new roller skates.

Back at home, the season is changing. It’s finally a comfortable temperature for spending a little time outside with Tesla. He likes to watch for squirrels which are abundant in our neighborhood.

On one of our backyard walks, I found this little nest that had fallen to the ground. I don’t know what kind of bird made it. It’s about big enough to hold a baseball.

I didn’t know skies could be so blue.

The old dead grape vine growing along the fence.

Seed Pods

Sewing “Hair Drying Turban” T-Shirt Upcycle

I bought myself a microfiber hair drying turban at the Dollar Tree the other day. Unfortunately, when I opened it, I realized it was going to be much to small for my head and the length of my hair. I went online to see if I could find a pattern and did find some drawings in Google Images that described the dimensions as 10 inches tall and 25 inches long.

I got one of my husbands old t-shirts–probably a size 3X. It was just the right size to make a double layered turban. If you only want a single layer, you should be able to use a smaller shirt. After cutting the shirt into the shape of a turban, I took it to my sewing machine and worked a little magic. Click on the image below to see a video of me making and modeling my new t-shirt hair turban.

Lace Beads

I bought a handful of packets of Flexi-Lace Seam Binding that I wanted to try using to make beads. Well, I have a lot of it, and the truth is I just want to find *something* to use it for besides actually binding seams which seems like an awful lot of work. Beads are a great project to try with just about any material you can think of!

I got this lace in a thrift store haul and I can tell by the package that it’s decades old. I admit, I’m not absolutely thrilled with the results. My lace is a little thin, a little narrow, a little fragile for the purposes of this project. But I see so many possibilities!

Click the image below to watch the video of how it’s done.

Sunday Painting – Pastel Pumpkin

Wow, this one was a little late coming! I usually have my painting videos all ready by Saturday evening. But yesterday was such a big day with the birthday party, visiting with family and all. Those times are precious and rare–not to be missed. I was going to skip it, but got inspired this morning to pull out the old pastels that I’ve never quite gotten the hang of.

Click the image below to see my time lapse video of this painting/drawing… (I never know what to call them!)

My First Dollar Tree Haul

Now, obviously this isn’t the first time I’ve ever been to a Dollar Tree. But I did manage to hold off on unpacking my purchases this time until I was able to sit down and do a video.

I got some makeup and hair accessories, office supplies and art supplies. The most important purchase, though–the the one item I actually went in for–was a gift bag for my niece’s birthday. I bought some tissue paper to go in there, and oh. my. lord! Did I ever struggle getting that stuff to look presentable!

Click the image below to see the video.

Little Girl’s Purse

My great niece, Ashlen, is having a birthday. I made her a cross body purse from some pretty bird fabric and lined it with a bright green from her great-great grandmothers sewing stash. I hope to get some pictures of her wearing it tomorrow.

Click on the image below to see the video where I explain how it’s done!