Photo Friday

I’m a little late getting this one in today. It’s been a busy week!

They are doing some work on Veteran’s Blvd. in McComb.

We went down town and stopped near the State Theater.

My husband rescued this pretty red Yamaha bass from a pawn shop.

Always working to pretty up down town. These shrubs are doing their part.

This is the intersection where the roof of the building (top right) collapsed just recently.

My younger son had a band performance this week.

The field looks just the same as it did when I was there 30 years ago!

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Sewing a Nightgown

A couple of months ago, during a thrift store haul, I got a beautiful piece of fabric that I hoped to turn into something to wear. I finally got that chance today. This thin, stretchy fabric in a blue floral print makes perfect sleepwear material.

The fabric is a bit delicate and will need to be washed delicately, I believe. In wearing a garment like this, the neck and arm holes take the most stress during wear, so I decided to reinforce them with biased binding. That not only gives the garment a pretty, accented edge, it also protects the fabric from rips and runs.

I’m so excited how the gown turned out. It’s going to be so comfortable to sleep in. Watch the video below if you’d like to see how I made it, and how you can make your own.

Check tomorrow’s entry for an excerpt from this video which explains how I used the overcast feature on my sewing machine for this project.

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Orange Halloween Bracelet

I’m at these paper beads again! I can’t get enough, and this time I doing a Halloween theme. I begin with some orange construction paper which I mark with lines on back that are 3/4″ apart. On the front, I use a black sharpie to make triangles and mouth shapes to mimic the cut-outs on a Jack O’lantern. With a green Sharpie Super Fine marker, I drew some vines and leaves like a pumpkin patch. Since these are small beads, I only had to decorate the bottom inch or so of the paper.

Next I cut the paper into strips using the lines on the back. Then, I rolled them up on a skewer and secured with glue. Once they dried, I rolled them in glossy Mod Podge and let them dry again. I made a paper bracelet gauge for myself which is coming up in another video. Look for that.

Afterwards, I strung them together with some pony beads to make cute Halloween theme bracelets. Click the video link below to watch!

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What’s your accent?

Today’s video is a “What’s Your Accent” Tag. I thought it would be extra fun for me as a Mississippian. There are indeed a few words we say differently.

When I was growing up, we lived near some distant relatives who used words that were archaic, even for the 1970’s, never mind today! Instead of saying “none” they would say “nayrn” which is an abbreviation of “nary a one”. They also said “yorn” for “yours”. I have never heard anyone else use those words.

One of the big ones for Southerners is y’all, of course, which can be referring to anyone. I mean it. I might be talking about any of y’all!

Watch my video, linked below, to hear how I pronounce the words on this list. It was a ton of fun!

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My Grungy Old Iron

An important part of crafting, or any kind of work, is keeping your tools in good working condition. My old iron is in such condition that it may need to be replaced, soon. But for now, with a good cleaning, it’s still trucking. In this video, I’ve had to clean off some pretty serious burned on fabric from the sole plate. Watch below if you’ve ever encountered a dirty iron!

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Random Acts of Poetry Day

Did you know today is Random Acts of Poetry Day? I admit, I’ve never heard of that until I looked at a website,, to see what interesting days are coming up. I had my first poem published in my school newspaper when I was 9 years old and have considered myself a poet since then. LOL I’ve had a couple published elsewhere since then, but don’t even know where anymore it’s been so long ago. I miss writing and wish I would do more of it.

So, I have indulged in a Random Act of Poetry. I hope you will join me and enjoy.

Fear and Hope
I fear tomorrow may yet come
I fear that it may not.
I hope my children will be known
For who they are, not what they’ve got.
I fear the coming storms and wars
I’m not equipped to fight.
I hope that when the waters rise
The sandy shores are in my sight.
I fear the mystery of death,
The final endless sleep.
I hope those who remember me
Will smile as often as they weep.
I fear being forgotten
In time’s endless parade.
I hope I have committed
But one act of good that will not fade.
I fear we are becoming
So afraid we cannot act.
I hope the future human kind
Will have the courage this one lacked.
~Cassandra Hall

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Photo Friday 10/6/17

Photography is another one of my passions. Here are some of my favorite photos I captured this week.



Locust Shell

Late Roses

All of these photos were taken with my Moto G4.

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Thursday 10-5


I felt like I had a full day of sewing yesterday. I managed to make a pillow for our dog, Tesla, out of a big pile of fabric scraps. I don’t want to brag (LOL), but I’m pretty sure he loves it. He’s got it all furred up already.

I hope to make some similar items for our local shelter dogs, but wanted to give it a good test-run at home before beginning any field trials. 

I made a video showing some of my crumb sewing process. This is a great scrap buster!

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What’s up today?

It’s early Wednesday morning and I’ve just finished uploading a couple of videos which are schedule to release over the next couple of days. A Tag video in which I answer the question “Would you rather…” about a variety of topics will post in a few hours. The other video shows me struggling to make a zipper pouch! That one will publish on Thursday morning.

I’ve recently posted a video showing the unboxing and installation of a new Brother sewing machine walking foot.

I did end up making a night gown from some of my thrift store fabric, but didn’t manage to get a video. I still have enough fabric for one more. Before I make it, I think I need to make another few yards of biased binding. Fingers crossed I get to that soon!

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