Orange Halloween Bracelet

I’m at these paper beads again! I can’t get enough, and this time I doing a Halloween theme. I begin with some orange construction paper which I mark with lines on back that are 3/4″ apart. On the front, I use a black sharpie to make triangles and mouth shapes to mimic the cut-outs on a Jack O’lantern. With a green Sharpie Super Fine marker, I drew some vines and leaves like a pumpkin patch. Since these are small beads, I only had to decorate the bottom inch or so of the paper.

Next I cut the paper into strips using the lines on the back. Then, I rolled them up on a skewer and secured with glue. Once they dried, I rolled them in glossy Mod Podge and let them dry again. I made a paper bracelet gauge for myself which is coming up in another video. Look for that.

Afterwards, I strung them together with some pony beads to make cute Halloween theme bracelets. Click the video link below to watch!

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