DIY Fairy Garden

Finally!! I’m so excited. I’ve wanted to build my own fairy garden every since the first time I ever saw one. It’s so me! I put one together yesterday. I used a plant saucer and flower pot from Home Depot. I had some rocks and figures from Dollar Tree. Then I collected moss from my own yard. It turned out so pretty. I love it.

Step one was to drill some holes in the bottom of my plant saucer. I added small rocks into the bottom of the saucer to keep it weighed down and to provide drainage. Then I filled the saucer up with potting soil.

I visited a couple of places around the yard to dig up a few different kinds of mosses. After watering the potting soil, I laid the moss out on top of it, attempting to get good surface area connection between the moss and the dirt so the moss can develop roots and grow there.

After that, I broke the flower pot and used part of it for a structure. I added a few black rocks, my plastic figures, and some fallen branches to create a forest floor looking scene.

Watch this video below to see how it turned out. You’re gonna love it!

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