Upcycle T-Shirt Dog Snuggle Bed

Puppies are the greatest, aren’t they?! Especially when they are dragging around all your fabric and making toys of everything they can reach! Well, I admit that’s not my favorite part. I couldn’t keep Tycho out of the bottom basket on my rolling fabric cart, so I just decided to make him a bed in […]

St. Andrew’s Half Price Thrift Store Haul

Saturday, or local St. Andrew’s Thrift Store had a half price sale. I went out to look at their fabric. I went pretty early, but the store was PACKED! I could barely get in. I wasn’t able to get any video from inside the store, because there were so many people in there and barely […]

Sewing Scrap Pillow

This is a no-video project I worked on in the wee hours this morning. I’ve got to get my work space cleaned up and organized a little. Part of that is using up the shreds of fabric scraps left over from previous project. I’ve been telling myself for ages about this pillow I was going […]

Big St. Andrew’s Thrift Store Fabric Haul

I visited St. Andrew’s Thrift Store for the first time in a while today. Well… Maybe a month or so. It was way too long. I got a few measured lengths of fabric, then I saw this huge plastic bag labeled “Quilt Strips” for $8 that I just had to have. I had second and […]

My First Dollar Tree Haul

Now, obviously this isn’t the first time I’ve ever been to a Dollar Tree. But I did manage to hold off on unpacking my purchases this time until I was able to sit down and do a video. I got some makeup and hair accessories, office supplies and art supplies. The most important purchase, though–the […]