Trip Around the World Quilt – Part 1

Today is my late grandmother’s birthday. I lived with her, along with my mother and siblings, for much of my childhood. My grandmother, Mamaw, taught me many important life skills that are becoming lost today. I hope to keep these skills alive by passing them on to others. One of those important skills is hand […]

Sewing Zippered Coin Purse

I’ve needed a coin purse to carry in my purse for a while. A couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t figure out why my purse was getting so heavy. I picked it up and my whole purse sagged as if it were going to fall off the straps! I had to take everything out and […]

YouTube Play Button Pillow

To commemorate reaching 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel, I decided (through much encouragement from my younger son) to make my own Play Button. I know I am a long way away from an official play button, but a win is a win, right? I wanted to sew this button and decided to make a […]

St. Andrew’s Half Price Thrift Store Haul

Saturday, or local St. Andrew’s Thrift Store had a half price sale. I went out to look at their fabric. I went pretty early, but the store was PACKED! I could barely get in. I wasn’t able to get any video from inside the store, because there were so many people in there and barely […]

Sewing Scrap Pillow

This is a no-video project I worked on in the wee hours this morning. I’ve got to get my work space cleaned up and organized a little. Part of that is using up the shreds of fabric scraps left over from previous project. I’ve been telling myself for ages about this pillow I was going […]

Sewing a New Doggy Blanket for Tesla

Our poor dog, Tesla… He’s always been what we’d call “high strung”, but his anxiety may be getting more intense lately. He’s had a cozy dog bed for a while that he’s been tearing up. He chews on the corners of it until he gets to the stuffing which he pulls out and scatters all […]

Big St. Andrew’s Thrift Store Fabric Haul

I visited St. Andrew’s Thrift Store for the first time in a while today. Well… Maybe a month or so. It was way too long. I got a few measured lengths of fabric, then I saw this huge plastic bag labeled “Quilt Strips” for $8 that I just had to have. I had second and […]

Sewing “Hair Drying Turban” T-Shirt Upcycle

I bought myself a microfiber hair drying turban at the Dollar Tree the other day. Unfortunately, when I opened it, I realized it was going to be much to small for my head and the length of my hair. I went online to see if I could find a pattern and did find some drawings […]