Upcycle T-Shirt Dog Snuggle Bed

Puppies are the greatest, aren’t they?! Especially when they are dragging around all your fabric and making toys of everything they can reach! Well, I admit that’s not my favorite part. I couldn’t keep Tycho out of the bottom basket on my rolling fabric cart, so I just decided to make him a bed in […]

Sewing Zippered Coin Purse

I’ve needed a coin purse to carry in my purse for a while. A couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t figure out why my purse was getting so heavy. I picked it up and my whole purse sagged as if it were going to fall off the straps! I had to take everything out and […]

YouTube Play Button Pillow

To commemorate reaching 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel, I decided (through much encouragement from my younger son) to make my own Play Button. I know I am a long way away from an official play button, but a win is a win, right? I wanted to sew this button and decided to make a […]

Beads from Metallic Floral Fabric

I picked up this floral fabric from a St. Andrew’s Thrift Store haul last week. It’s so pretty! I used the method I found that works best for me. First I select a piece of paper. Just about any kind of paper should work. In this case, because the fabric is thick, I chose a […]

Sewing Scrap Pillow

This is a no-video project I worked on in the wee hours this morning. I’ve got to get my work space cleaned up and organized a little. Part of that is using up the shreds of fabric scraps left over from previous project. I’ve been telling myself for ages about this pillow I was going […]

Sewing a New Doggy Blanket for Tesla

Our poor dog, Tesla… He’s always been what we’d call “high strung”, but his anxiety may be getting more intense lately. He’s had a cozy dog bed for a while that he’s been tearing up. He chews on the corners of it until he gets to the stuffing which he pulls out and scatters all […]

Voodoo Doll Pinterest Halloween Sewing Challenge

Earlier this month, the YouTube creator Dad Sews challenged his audience to create a Halloween craft from a Pinterest picture. After scouring the pages of Pinterest, I saw a Voodoo doll I thought I could recreate using fabric from my stash. I made a video of the process with a silly story about the origins […]